Saint Tail (1995)

Saint Tail (1995)
She’ll steal your heart!

Animation, Comedy
First Air Date: 1995-10-12
Last Air Date: 1996-09-12
Total Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 43
Status: Ended
Episode Runtime: 30 min.
Production Company: TMS Entertainment
Production Country:
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

hey guys! so.. the first thing I want to say is that Saint Tail (1995) – Netflix tv series is a totally awesome idea! it is intelligent, interesting, and has great storylines. I love how with each episode there are different characters. in some sense, it reminds me of friends because you never know who will be coming up next or what they have gone through. I also like the mix of drama/ romance/ comedy/ thriller all rolled into this one amazing show!
Saint Tail (1995) – Netflix tv series really gives off a uniquely dramatic feeling even though it’s funny at times. There are many things that make me think about theories behind our world and reality so I really enjoy watching Saint Tail (1995) – Netflix tv on a daily basis.
Saint Tail (1995) – Netflix tv-series is my favorite show and I’m so excited about its return. I love watching it, especially when they switch up characters! It’s nice to see what we’re doing in our life right now compared to other people who are also dealing with things. I have yet to find another show that I enjoy as much as this one; everything is perfect: acting, directing, etc. I think the actors of Saint Tail (1995) – Netflix tv-series is great!
Each episode explores a scientific hypothesis that is explored through the story and may lead to dramatic changes within each character’s life.
Saint Tail (1995) one went back in time, stopped themselves from doing something wrong, or followed a different path? How would changing decisions change your world?
These are some questions that many struggles with within their daily lives but now you will – literally – see what happens when you make all the right choices. Would you live an easier life if you could go back and do everything differently? We already know any major decision has big consequences, so how does it affect all those intertwined paths we travel down every day?
The rating of this are
star 9.5/10

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Saint Tail is a phantom thief magical girl manga and anime series. Originally a twenty-four part manga by Megumi Tachikawa, the story was adapted into an anime television series by producer Tokyo Movie Shinsha, with forty-three episodes and one short, broadcast by ABC. Tokyopop translated the manga series, and subtitled and partially dubbed the anime series.

Video Games were released for the Sega Saturn and Sega Game Gear in Japan, and are considered collectors items by Saint Tail fans.

The Tokyopop book summary states that it is “Robin Hood meets Sailor Moon!”

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    Is Saint Tail on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.
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    Saint Tail Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1 Episode 1 The Cutest Little Thief! She Will Steal Your Heart! min
    Season 1 Episode 2 Wonderful Rival: Asuka Jr. min
    Season 1 Episode 3 Meimi’s Love! min
    Season 1 Episode 4 I Hate Wedding Veils min
    Season 1 Episode 5 Legend of Happiness?! The Clock Tower Commotion min
    Season 1 Episode 6 New Student Rina. A Formidable Enemy min
    Season 1 Episode 7 A First Rendezvous of Tears?! min
    Season 1 Episode 8 Danger! Beware of Lost Objects! min
    Season 1 Episode 9 Contest Hall in Chaos! min
    Season 1 Episode 10 You… Confessed?? min
    Season 1 Episode 11 The Big Scoop! An Uproar at the School Festival min
    Season 1 Episode 12 Surprise! The Large Lizard Santa Claus?! min
    Season 1 Episode 13 Mystical Princess Rosa’s Mirror min
    Season 1 Episode 14 The Platform of Love and Tears min
    Season 1 Episode 15 Run After a Jewel Thief! Litte, the Naughty Dog min
    Season 1 Episode 16 Steal the Chinese Iron Chef! min
    Season 1 Episode 17 The Heart Thief on St. Valentine’s Day?? min
    Season 1 Episode 18 Danger, Do Not Touch! Super Electric Trap min
    Season 1 Episode 19 A Comet Approaches! The Earth’s Final Night?? min
    Season 1 Episode 20 Get Back the Phantom Bird Egg! min
    Season 1 Episode 21 Steal the Memorable Harmonica! min
    Season 1 Episode 22 The UFO Appears!? A Town in Panic min
    Season 1 Episode 23 Unforgivable! The Bad Guys Destroy a House min
    Season 1 Episode 24 A Fake Calling card? The Secret of the Perfume Trap min
    Season 1 Episode 25 A Strong Foe! Confronting Elite Detective min
    Season 1 Episode 26 Meimi is Engaged to a Multi-Millionaire’s Son!? min
    Season 1 Episode 27 Steal the Jewel of the Moon! min
    Season 1 Episode 28 Save the Pretty Idol Girl! min
    Season 1 Episode 29 The Mayor’s Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 1) min
    Season 1 Episode 30 The Mayor’s Ambition! Stealing a Swan (Part 2) min
    Season 1 Episode 31 Her True Character Revealed! Meimi’s Critical Moment min
    Season 1 Episode 32 Steal a Woman’s Marathon Running Shoes min
    Season 1 Episode 33 A Swordswoman’s Wish! To Seal the Excellent Sword min
    Season 1 Episode 34 Return the Thoroughbred! min
    Season 1 Episode 35 Get Back the ‘Tree of Happiness’ min
    Season 1 Episode 36 A Precious Creature of Nature: Save the Beautiful Butterfly! min
    Season 1 Episode 37 Phantasmal Masterpiece! A Woman Detective is Back min
    Season 1 Episode 38 A Burst of Laughter! The Detective Team Does a Great Job min
    Season 1 Episode 39 White Dolphin’ – Return to the Sea! min
    Season 1 Episode 40 Mom’s Secret! A Female Thief’s Vengeance min
    Season 1 Episode 41 A Formidable Foe!? A Mischievous Pixie’s Trap! min
    Season 1 Episode 42 Mom’s Enemy! Rosemary’s Conspiracy min
    Season 1 Episode 43 The Final Battle! Save Asuka Jr. min
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