One in a Million (1980)

One in a Million

One in a Million (1980)

Documentary, Comedy
Alan W. Livingston
First Air Date: 1980-01-08
Last Air Date: 1980-06-02
Total Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 13
Status: Ended
Episode Runtime: 30 min.

hey guys! so.. the first thing I want to say is that One in a Million (1980) – Netflix tv series is a totally awesome idea! it is intelligent, interesting, and has great storylines. I love how with each episode there are different characters. in some sense, it reminds me of friends because you never know who will be coming up next or what they have gone through. I also like the mix of drama/ romance/ comedy/ thriller all rolled into this one amazing show!
One in a Million (1980) – Netflix tv series really gives off a uniquely dramatic feeling even though it’s funny at times. There are many things that make me think about theories behind our world and reality so I really enjoy watching One in a Million (1980) – Netflix tv on a daily basis.
One in a Million (1980) – Netflix tv-series is my favorite show and I’m so excited about its return. I love watching it, especially when they switch up characters! It’s nice to see what we’re doing in our life right now compared to other people who are also dealing with things. I have yet to find another show that I enjoy as much as this one; everything is perfect: acting, directing, etc. I think the actors of One in a Million (1980) – Netflix tv-series is great!
Each episode explores a scientific hypothesis that is explored through the story and may lead to dramatic changes within each character’s life.
One in a Million (1980) one went back in time, stopped themselves from doing something wrong, or followed a different path? How would changing decisions change your world?
These are some questions that many struggles with within their daily lives but now you will – literally – see what happens when you make all the right choices. Would you live an easier life if you could go back and do everything differently? We already know any major decision has big consequences, so how does it affect all those intertwined paths we travel down every day?
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One In A Million is an American television sitcom that aired on ABC for one season in 1980. The show was developed as a starring vehicle for comedienne Shirley Hemphill after the success of What’s Happening!! in which she played a supporting role. The show was not a success and was cancelled after just 13 episodes. The series was broadcast on Saturdays at 8 p.m Eastern time.

The series centers around Shirley Simmons, a sharp-tongued taxicab driver who inherits controlling interest in the multimillion dollar conglomerate Grayson Enterprises at the death of its founder, Jonathan Grayson, one of Shirley’s regular fares. Gleefully assuming her position as CEO, she declares war on ‘pompous stuffed shirts’, especially company vice president Roland Cushing. She finds an ally in Nancy, Grayson’s secretary. The series was set in New York City.

The cast included several well-known character actors including Richard Paul as Mr. Grayson’s nephew and Carl Ballantine as the owner of Shirely’s favorite deli.

Is One in a Million on Netflix?

Is One in a Million on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.
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One in a Million Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1 Episode 1 Chairman of the Board 30 min
Season 1 Episode 2 Executive Dad 30 min
Season 1 Episode 3 Shirley’s Prince of a Guy 30 min
Season 1 Episode 4 On the Cuff 30 min
Season 1 Episode 5 Lost Weekend 30 min
Season 1 Episode 6 Stone versus Simmons 30 min
Season 1 Episode 7 The Chairman Babysits 30 min
Season 1 Episode 8 Suddenly Single 30 min
Season 1 Episode 9 Cushing Quits 30 min
Season 1 Episode 10 Max Falls in Love 30 min
Season 1 Episode 11 Over the Hill 30 min
Season 1 Episode 12 The Committee 30 min
Season 1 Episode 13 Italian Connection 30 min
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