Mantracker (2006)


Mantracker (2006)

Western, Action & Adventure
First Air Date: 2006-04-12
Last Air Date: 2011-08-28
Total Seasons: 6
Total Episodes: 65
Status: Ended
Episode Runtime: 60 min.

hey guys! so.. the first thing I want to say is that Mantracker (2006) – Netflix tv series is a totally awesome idea! it is intelligent, interesting, and has great storylines. I love how with each episode there are different characters. in some sense, it reminds me of friends because you never know who will be coming up next or what they have gone through. I also like the mix of drama/ romance/ comedy/ thriller all rolled into this one amazing show!
Mantracker (2006) – Netflix tv series really gives off a uniquely dramatic feeling even though it’s funny at times. There are many things that make me think about theories behind our world and reality so I really enjoy watching Mantracker (2006) – Netflix tv on a daily basis.
Mantracker (2006) – Netflix tv-series is my favorite show and I’m so excited about its return. I love watching it, especially when they switch up characters! It’s nice to see what we’re doing in our life right now compared to other people who are also dealing with things. I have yet to find another show that I enjoy as much as this one; everything is perfect: acting, directing, etc. I think the actors of Mantracker (2006) – Netflix tv-series is great!
Each episode explores a scientific hypothesis that is explored through the story and may lead to dramatic changes within each character’s life.
Mantracker (2006) one went back in time, stopped themselves from doing something wrong, or followed a different path? How would changing decisions change your world?
These are some questions that many struggles with within their daily lives but now you will – literally – see what happens when you make all the right choices. Would you live an easier life if you could go back and do everything differently? We already know any major decision has big consequences, so how does it affect all those intertwined paths we travel down every day?
The rating of this are
star 7/10

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Mantracker is a Canadian reality television series created by Ihor Macijiwsky and produced by Bonterra Productions. It premiered in Canada in April 2006 on the Outdoor Life Network. In the United States, the show currently airs on the Science Channel and in the UK on Extreme Sports Channel. The episodes of the first six seasons feature Terry Grant, an expert tracker called the “Mantracker”, who pursues two individuals in the remote Canadian or American wilderness. The pursued, referred to as “Prey”, must elude capture while attempting to reach a finish line within thirty-six hours. In season 7, Chad Savage Lenz replaces Terry Grant as the Mantracker.

Is Mantracker on Netflix?

Is Mantracker on Netflix? Unfortunately this serie is not yet available on Netflix.
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Mantracker Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1 Episode 1 Jeff and Magnus min
Season 1 Episode 2 Liisa and Nicolina min
Season 1 Episode 3 Jim and Nicola min
Season 1 Episode 4 Russ and Susie min
Season 1 Episode 5 Mike and Neela min
Season 1 Episode 6 Vlad and Nate min
Season 1 Episode 7 Jim and Dara Lee min
Season 1 Episode 8 Luke and Mike min
Season 1 Episode 9 Julio and Joe min
Season 2 Episode 1 Chris and Brock min
Season 2 Episode 2 Shannon and Stephanie min
Season 2 Episode 3 Dustin and Ian min
Season 2 Episode 4 Brent and Brian min
Season 2 Episode 5 Erica and Kendall min
Season 2 Episode 6 Brian and Samantha min
Season 2 Episode 7 Dan and Jared min
Season 2 Episode 8 Steve and Jeff min
Season 3 Episode 1 Al and Garfield min
Season 3 Episode 2 Simone and Mike min
Season 3 Episode 3 Jesse and Nathan min
Season 3 Episode 4 Rob and Michelle min
Season 3 Episode 5 Mark and Taylor min
Season 3 Episode 6 Bruce and Sabrina min
Season 3 Episode 7 Buck and RJ min
Season 3 Episode 8 Jordan and Suzie min
Season 3 Episode 9 Josh and Kyle min
Season 3 Episode 10 Kaleigh and Alana min
Season 4 Episode 1 Billy and The Rev min
Season 4 Episode 2 Jessica and Lauren min
Season 4 Episode 3 Rene and Dave min
Season 4 Episode 4 Chelsea and Trev min
Season 4 Episode 5 Andrew and Hainsley min
Season 4 Episode 6 Brian and Julie min
Season 4 Episode 7 Tommy and Steve min
Season 4 Episode 8 Mike and Adam min
Season 5 Episode 1 Jason and Clayton min
Season 5 Episode 2 Blake and Layney min
Season 5 Episode 3 Barb and Amy min
Season 5 Episode 4 Ryder and Brendyn min
Season 5 Episode 5 Max and Barb min
Season 5 Episode 6 Chris and Shawn min
Season 5 Episode 7 Angie and Nolan min
Season 5 Episode 8 Dylan and Travis min
Season 5 Episode 9 Pete and Cam min
Season 5 Episode 10 Steph and Kristy min
Season 5 Episode 11 Ben and Darrell min
Season 5 Episode 12 Tim and Miah min
Season 6 Episode 1 Shane and Brook min
Season 6 Episode 2 Jennifer and Amiee min
Season 6 Episode 3 Wes and Jamie min
Season 6 Episode 4 Melanie and Reza min
Season 6 Episode 5 Priscilla and Colt min
Season 6 Episode 6 Rusty and Klumpy min
Season 6 Episode 7 Alex and Dion min
Season 6 Episode 8 Justin and Kyle min
Season 6 Episode 10 Mike and Becka min
Season 7 Episode 1 Searching for Mantracker min
Season 7 Episode 2 Huck and Andy min
Season 7 Episode 3 Mercedes and Jessie min
Season 7 Episode 4 Zap and Andrew min
Season 7 Episode 5 Les and Tyler min
Season 7 Episode 6 Carla and Amanda min
Season 7 Episode 7 Brandon and Seth min
Season 7 Episode 8 Randi and Stacey min
Season 7 Episode 9 Scottie and Steven min
Season 7 Episode 10 Mike and Ryan min
Season 7 Episode 11 Renee and Kiani min
Season 7 Episode 12 Jake and Nick min
Season 7 Episode 13 Shaun and Vanessa min
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