Explained (2018)


Explained (2018)

Ezra Klein
First Air Date: 2018-05-23
Last Air Date: 2021-08-27
Total Seasons: 3
Total Episodes: 37
Status: Returning Series
Episode Runtime: 20 min.
Production Company: Vox Entertainment
Production Country:
United States of America

hey guys! so.. the first thing I want to say is that Explained (2018) – Netflix tv series is a totally awesome idea! it is intelligent, interesting, and has great storylines. I love how with each episode there are different characters. in some sense, it reminds me of friends because you never know who will be coming up next or what they have gone through. I also like the mix of drama/ romance/ comedy/ thriller all rolled into this one amazing show!
Explained (2018) – Netflix tv series really gives off a uniquely dramatic feeling even though it’s funny at times. There are many things that make me think about theories behind our world and reality so I really enjoy watching Explained (2018) – Netflix tv on a daily basis.
Explained (2018) – Netflix tv-series is my favorite show and I’m so excited about its return. I love watching it, especially when they switch up characters! It’s nice to see what we’re doing in our life right now compared to other people who are also dealing with things. I have yet to find another show that I enjoy as much as this one; everything is perfect: acting, directing, etc. I think the actors of Explained (2018) – Netflix tv-series is great!
Each episode explores a scientific hypothesis that is explored through the story and may lead to dramatic changes within each character’s life.
Explained (2018) one went back in time, stopped themselves from doing something wrong, or followed a different path? How would changing decisions change your world?
These are some questions that many struggles with within their daily lives but now you will – literally – see what happens when you make all the right choices. Would you live an easier life if you could go back and do everything differently? We already know any major decision has big consequences, so how does it affect all those intertwined paths we travel down every day?
The rating of this are
star 7.7/10

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This documentary series, made in partnership with Vox, explain some of the world’s current trends, from politics, to science to pop culture.

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  • Is Explained on Netflix?

    Is Explained on Netflix? Yes! The serie Explained is now on Netflix in the countries listed below.

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    Explained Episodes

    Title Air Date Duration
    Season 1 Episode 1 The Racial Wealth Gap 16 min
    Season 1 Episode 2 Designer DNA 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 3 Monogamy 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 4 K-Pop 20 min
    Season 1 Episode 5 Cryptocurrency 14 min
    Season 1 Episode 6 Why Diets Fail 15 min
    Season 1 Episode 7 The Stock Market 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 8 eSports 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 9 Extraterrestrial Life 19 min
    Season 1 Episode 10 ! 15 min
    Season 1 Episode 11 Cricket 17 min
    Season 1 Episode 12 Weed 20 min
    Season 1 Episode 13 Tattoo 19 min
    Season 1 Episode 14 Astrology 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 15 Can We Live Forever? 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 16 The Female Orgasm 19 min
    Season 1 Episode 17 Political Correctness 18 min
    Season 1 Episode 18 Why Women Are Paid Less 19 min
    Season 1 Episode 19 The World’s Water Crisis 19 min
    Season 1 Episode 20 Music 20 min
    Season 2 Episode 1 Cults 26 min
    Season 2 Episode 2 Billionaires 23 min
    Season 2 Episode 3 Animal Intelligence 22 min
    Season 2 Episode 4 Athleisure 17 min
    Season 2 Episode 5 Coding 24 min
    Season 2 Episode 6 Pirates 21 min
    Season 2 Episode 7 The Next Pandemic 21 min
    Season 2 Episode 8 The Future of Meat 24 min
    Season 2 Episode 9 Beauty 17 min
    Season 2 Episode 10 Diamonds 23 min
    Season 3 Episode 1 Sugar 24 min
    Season 3 Episode 2 Royalty 25 min
    Season 3 Episode 3 Flags 26 min
    Season 3 Episode 4 Dogs 20 min
    Season 3 Episode 5 The End of Oil 24 min
    Season 3 Episode 6 Chess 23 min
    Season 3 Episode 7 Your Skin 22 min
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